Heating and Cooling FAQ

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Heating and Cooling FAQ

There are many options for you to heat and cool your home. The four most common and popular ways are:



A fully ducted evaporative cooling system is the most economical way to keep a home cool in most parts of Australia, including the Melbourne metropolitan area. There are various models which differ in purchase cost, running cost, the size of area that can be cooled and the design of the system.



The wall-mounted split system air conditioner is an ideal combination of cooling and heating – two systems in one. The compact indoor fan coil unit is quiet and unobtrusive in operation and blends into any modern decor. Multi-head split systems allow for several rooms to be cooled and heated independently from a single external unit.



A ducted heating system allows you to heat your home with superior flexibility. There are ducted heating products to suit every home from under floor to ceiling ducted heating. Using gas ducted heating is one of the best ways to heat your home in terms of running costs and heating efficiency.


Ducted refrigerated systems are the "Rolls Royce" of air conditioning. An Outdoor unit quietly delivers warm or cool air to the indoor fan coil which then distributes it through the duct system to control the climate of the house.

Ducted refrigerated air conditioning provides unobtrusive quiet climate control. Warm heat is distributed during winter and clean cool air during summer.

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