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Ducted evaporative cooling is the most cost effective way to cool your home. Fresh outdoor air is drawn across water-filled pads & distributed via ducting in the roof.

Evaporative cooling units are installed on the roof and connect to a series of outlets placed throughout the home. The entire home is refreshed with cool air every few minutes and by leaving the doors and windows open you increase the cooling effect!

Some of the common gas ducted heating brands you'll be getting quotes on include:

Braemar Breezair Bonaire

With over 50 years experience, Brivis are at the forefront of evaporative air conditioning & cooling. Brivis are one of the only manufacturers in the industry with ISO9002 and ISO9001.

Braemar evaporative systems won't send your electricity bill skyrocketing every time you turn it on and also cost much less to install than most other ducted systems out there!

100% Australian Owned and made, Bonaire for over 50 years have been providing Australians with efficient evaporative cooling systems, using the latest technologies avaialble!

Ducted evaporative cooling is also the healthiest form of home cooling, particularly for sufferers of hay-fever, asthma or allergies because it uses fresh filtered air instead of recycling the same stale air like a refrigerated system.